McKINLEY Investment Group’s Ardent Love for Korea

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Chairman Eom Meen of ERO Platform & ERB LIGA Exchange

Ardent love of McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA, which is a global financial group, for Korea is drawing attention.

 On January 20, Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province) signed the Agreement for Asset and Accounting Due Diligence for Disposal of Alpensia with McKINLEY Consortium, which is a foreign international financial group, at Sejong Hotel Chuncheon, in regard to disposal of Alpensia Resort.

Alpensia Resort has been the trouble of Gangwon-do for being a money pit. The Chinese partner-backed 'Consortium' which was led by Jason Kim, a Chuncheon native, has been having discussions with Gangwon province regarding the sales of Alpensia by conducting a due diligence since 2018. As for the disposal price, it was told that both parties provisionally agreed on approximately USD 666.7 million. McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA came to remove the trouble of Gangwon-do.

The company managing this acquisition is implementing the procedures by establishing SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) for acquisition of Alpensia Resort based on ‘McKINLEY Consortium’. Its headquarters is McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA founded in the United states in 1998. McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA, which is a professional global investment group, is currently serving as the special project management company in association with the World

Also, it was discovered that McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA is indirectly investing in the construction of a general hospital in Paju-si (Paju City) and the news has been attracting the attention of the investors.

In October of last year, McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA issued LOC (Letter of Commitment) for the investment worth USD 41.7 million in the construction of a general hospital in Paju-si. The investment will be implemented with a part of the investment McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA pledged to invest in ERB LIGA (Chairman Eom Meen) worth USD 1 billion and it was known that the procedure for the remittance of the investment is in progress. As for the project site, the site for the project on development of the rock mountain in the borrow pit in Paju-si which was started by Chairman Eom Meen three years ago will be used. According to the project plan, after jointly establishing a general hospital with the Diocese of Incheon, a healthcare town will be formed in the project site.

In August of last year, McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA signed the contract for PDG financial guarantee with ERB LIGA Exchange and selected ERO Platform as the key future project. At the BG Forum in the official website of McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA, ERB LIGA is introduced as an official investment partner.

Also, according to the personnel of McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA, investment in the project to form a smart specialized tourism complex in Wonju-si, Gangwon-do shares of which are held by Chairman Eom Meen (Chairman Eom 60% : others 40%) is currently under consideration. The personnel said that the Group is positive about the Wonju project because it has been interested in the new and renewable energy and bio industry and the potential volume of the investment is internally discussed to be approximately USD 75 million. According to the project plan, Wonju-si will become an attractive city with global competitiveness by developing smart specialized tourism complex and forming the world’s best agriculture experiential tourism complex.

Our investigation has discovered the key persons playing important roles in decision makings of McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA. McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA makes decisions at the senior management meeting and it was found the Chairman Eom Meen for Republic of Korea is playing the leading role.

Chairman Eom Meen, the founder of ERO Platform, was appointed as the CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of Joint Business Division of McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA in August of last year and has generally managed key projects of the Group. It seems recent investment agreement for the construction of a general hospital in Paju-si and examination for investment in Wonju development project are carried out under the lead of Chairman Eom Meen.

As mentioned above, the ardent love of the McKINLEY Investment, LLC. USA for Korea is based on the secret endeavors of Chairman Eom Meen, and that is why so many interests are drawn to his future works.

?    Chairman Eom Meen is from Chuncheon, Gangwon-do (69th graduation of Chuncheon High School) and has implemented various projects in Gangwon-do based on his deep bond with Gangwon-do, including establishment of Gangwon Bomnae Video Project Corp. and construction of the comprehensive filming studio.


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