K-pop star Lee Mi-Shell is back in four years...Release of a new mini album 'Day-By-Day'

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Lee Mi-Shell, a former K-pop star (Photo courtesy of KCrush America)

Singer Lee Mi-Shell announced on the 14th that it has released a new mini album "Day-By-Day," which is a joint venture with Wildist Dream Entertainment.

This album is the first new album to be released since 'I Can Sing' was released in 2015. Like "I Can Sing," which was a hit at the time, the songs in the album are composed of songs written by Lee Mi-Shell herself.

Lee has received public attention and favorable reviews for her single debut album "Without You" released in 2014.

Lee Mi-Shell took her first step into the K-pop scene as a female solo singer through the popular audition program "K-POP Star" season 1. After the end of the program, she continued her activities as a girl group "Supulse," but soon disbanded, and she began her solo career and collaborated with famous artists such as rapper Double K to increase her fan base.

Lee Mi-Shell also earned the nickname "Korea's Missy Elliott" by appearing on "Hip Hop Nation 2," which aired in 2016.

After "Hip Hop Nation 2," Lee reportedly temporarily stopped his activities and enjoyed his personal life. However, he recently decided to make a comeback, and with his new album "Day-By-Day," he is meeting fans again for the first time in about four years.

"Day-By-Day" is composed of seven new songs written by Lee Mi-Shell herself. The album was simultaneously released on music platforms around the world, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube, at 9 a.m. on the 7th. In addition, the agency plans to release Lee's songs to the public through various platforms.

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