Korea's Best Stream, Six K-POP Idols from Thailand

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Although foreigners in the K-pop circle are less rare, there are still not many K-pop idols from Southeast Asia.Despite this, the six Thai idols have gone to South Korea to pursue their dream of becoming an idol.

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These Thai K-pop idols are leading a new fashion!



Lisa made her debut in 2016 in the YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK, and took the lead roles of the group, main Rapper and deputy Vocal.

In addition, she was the first foreign entertainer to make her debut in YG ENTERTAIN.

Before her debut, she was active in a dance competition in Thailand, a member of the We Zaa Cool Dance Company in Thailand, where Bambam of GOT7 was once a member.

Lisa auditioned for YG Entertainment in 2010 and was the only applicant to pass among 4,000 candidates. In 2020, she became a dance instructor on the audition program, "You Are Young II."Gong proved her personal charm and dancing skills.。



BamBam made his debut with GOT7 in 2014 with the support of JYP ENTERTAINMENT, the band's deputy Rapper and lead singer.

Like Lisa, he has a strong dance background and even works with her on the same dance team.

He auditioned for JYP Entertainment when he was 13 and received three and a half years of training at JYP Entertainment.

BamBam introduced himself to the public for the first time in the YG versus JYP in YG Entertainment's "WIN: Who is Next," as a prospective GOT7 member and Day6 member.represent JYP together.


3. (G) I-DLE's Minnie

Minnie made her debut as (G) I-DLE girl group under the banner of (CUBE Entertainment) in 2018, the lead singer of the band.

She auditioned for CUBE ENTERPRISES in 2014 and moved to Korea the following year.

A year later, Minnie was shown on the Instagram page of the official trainee of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT as the company's trainee.

Since (G) I-DLE's debut, Minnie has been assisting in creating, composing lyrics, and arranging music or bands.

Minnie joined (G) I-DLE in 'Queendom' and the group caught fire in 2019. In the program, she introduced Thailand to the "Latata" stage in Thailand and Korea.It's all very popular.


4. NCT's TEN

Ten made his debut at NCTU in 2016 as the main dance and vice-Vocal.

Since then, he has made his debut as a member of WayV and SuperM, and Ten plays the lead, the lead singer, and the sub-Rapper, respectively, in the team.

Ten is Chinese, but born and raised in Thailand.In 2013, Ten passed an audition for SM ENTERPRISES and was announced as an intern later that year.

In addition to participating in NCT, WayV and SuperM events, Ten made his debut as a Solo singer in a song called Dream in a Dream in 2017.

He is also a member of SM Entertainment's Performance Team, SM The Perfomance.


5. CLC's Sorn

Sorn made his debut at the CLC in 2015 under Big Hat Environment, the lead singer of the team.

Before her debut, she participated in the K-pop Star Hunt Season 1 contest in the first season and was the winner of the show.

She also appeared in a 2013 documentary, "Seoul: Inside K-pop's Capital," which details the life of a trainee.

Sorn is now successfully promoted to the CLC and has his own personal YouTube channel, "Prodourn," in which he shares the CLC's video blog and behind the scenes.

2PM's Nichkhun (Nikon)

6. 2PM's Nichkhun (Nikon)

Nikon made his debut at 2PM of JYP Entertainment in 2008, the group's lead vocalist, Rapper and the front-page role.

Nikon is a Thai-American - born in California, the United States, accompanied by Chinese-Thai parents and raised in Thailand.He moved back to high school in the U.S. where he was chosen by JYP ENTERTAIN.

Nikon was originally introduced to the public in Mnet's Hot Blue, which is primarily a training program for 13 male cadets who have the opportunity to be in the Folk Song section (now called 2AM) or the dance section (now called 2AM).for the first time in the series.

In addition to participating in the event, Nikon also performs in China, Thailand, and Japan.He is also active in Thailand, Korea, China and Japan as a Solo singer.

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